Hear Us Live: Sat. 5 PM PST

About Since 2K17

Haters to the left is an anarchist podcast carefully wrapped in the humor of the internet. Each Saturday we delve into a specific topic or issue and provide our own piping hot takes and discussion, eventually arriving at a wildly different place due to our auditory shitposting.

There are three main hosts:

Tania [They/Them] (@emilezoloft) might make their bio soon, idk

Gabi [He/Him] (@stonedhag) uses his twitter to post jokes and 'funny anecdotes.' Consider following him, perhaps.

Gerardo [He/They] (@komradekiryu) is a person who has always lived in the borders of self-identity, a Mexican in America, proletarian in bourgeois settings, brown in white spaces, and vice versa. Ni idioma ni identidad social me va definir porque ningun término que existe puede encapsular mi totalidad.

For any inquiries DM Gerardo through twitter or send an email to komrade(at)protonmail.com